Creating Baby’s First Easter Basket


I love Easter! It is my favorite holiday because it is when we celebrate and remember that we get to be with our living Savoir forever! It’s an amazing time of reflection and celebration. Just like at Christmas, on Easter we give our children gifts to remember THE GIFT- Jesus’ death and resurrection so that we can have the Free Gift of Life with Him!

Creating Baby's First Easter Basket

That’s why I’m making a basket for my eleven month old. I’m practicing remembering THE GIFT and setting up a family tradition.

Creating Baby's First Easter Basket

Here’s what is in Lizzy Easter basket this year-

  1. I went with this cute bunny tote from the Target Dollar Spot instead of a basket this year. I couldn’t pass up those ears and pompom nose.
  2. God Gave Us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergren. (not pictured above) This sweet book so wonderfully explains how Easter is more than eggs and chocolate and bunnies and how all those things point to  Jesus. 
  3. Easter Eggs! You don’t have to fill these with anything for your under-18month little, the colorful plastic eggs are so fun to toss, scatter, and dump!
  4. Bubbles! You’ll be doing the bubble blowing but they’ll have so much fun popping them! I found a spill proof bottle at the Dollar Tree (because accidents happen).
  5. Books! It’s never too early to read to your littles! I bought her a fun book, a thoughtful book (see #1) and I reused a book from her shelf (free!).
  6. Instead of candy put in baby’s favorite snack! Be it Cherrios or yogurt melts, you are buying them anyway! You could fill a couple eggs with Cherrios for a fun rattle and surprise!Creating Baby's First Easter Basket
  7. Wooden toys are one of my favorite things! But they can be so expensive. I’m always on the hunt for Melissa & Doug toys on sale. My secret saving trick: shop the thrift store kids aisle. It’a ALWAYS a mess but if you dig a little bit you could score! I always look at the bags of randomly collected items they sell for a couple bucks- you know the bags with different sized blocks, a Barbie shoe, and happy meal toys? That’s where I found this perfect Easter Egg Melissa & Doug Toy! I re-donated the random blocks that were in the bag- but 2.99 was a good deal for this toy! (New Here.)

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  8. Reuse their toys! The lady bug toy and Very Hungry Caterpillar we already owned. I threw them in to fill up space and she won’t know the difference and will have fun pulling them all out of the bag!Creating Baby's First Easter Basket

(This post was not sponsored by anyone! I truly love these products and wanted to share where I found them and how to get a good deal!)