I am so glad you are here! I’m Becca, the lady behind Making Life Beautiful.

My goal on this blog is to make this world a little brighter, a little better, a little more beautiful for me, my family and for my piece of the world.

That’s you! I want to help you make your life more beautiful!

I know you- the tired, busy mom with the creative side just waiting to burst forth. I know you want to love and serve your family. I know you want to feed and love yourself. I know because I am all of that too!

You’ll find decorating and crafts, parenting stories and tips, faith and life experiences on this blog. I want to focus on you, the mama, and what you need and enjoy. Our babies take up so much of our life but we are still ourselves with dreams, hobbies, and souls to nourish. I hope I can help you make your life more beautiful!

So who am I? I’m a Jesus following wife (to my high school sweetheart, referred to as Hubby) and mother to one happy¬†lil girl (aka Baby or Lil Liz). I grew up and live in Oregon, which has fostered my love for coffee, camping, and backpacking. I earned my English Degree and minored in Biblical Studies at Corban University where I focused my first two years on child development and education. My love for decorating and photography go way back before this blog but now I get to share them with you and with my small Creative Photography class that I teach once a week. I hope to learn and grow with you in making life intentionally more beautiful!

I love hearing from you! I do my very best to answer each comment and email!

Talk to you soon! xo, Becca